The Alexandria Transit Company’s DASH system provides safe, reliable, and courteous bus service within the City of Alexandria, and connects with Metrobus, Metrorail, Virginia Railway Express, and all local bus systems. DASH serves all of the Alexandria Metrorail Stations and the Pentagon Metrorail station during morning and evening peak periods. DASH’s name symbolizes our commitment to the citizens of Alexandria, Driving Alexandria Safely Home.
DASH is recognized nationally and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia for the DASH bus system and King Street Trolley service that it provides. DASH has won many outstanding achievement awards for  outstanding marketing, service and safety programs.

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DASH contributes to the quality of life and preserving the livability of Alexandria by mitigating traffic impacts, improving circulation and mobility throughout the City, and providing easier access to local businesses, retail and employment centers, residential developments, and the regional Metrorail and the Virginia Railway Express commuter rail systems.
DASH plays a key role within the implementation of the City Council’s City Transportation Master Plan (TMP), and contributes to the City’s Eco-City efforts and provides an environmentally friendly alternative to the single occupant vehicle. DASH has always been dedicated to Driving Alexandria Safely Home and will continue to Keep Alexandria Moving into the future.